Volunteers Saving Lives Across Australia

Driver Reviver Australia Ltd is a national program that has been operating in Australia since 1989. Powered by volunteers from a wide range of service organisations and community groups, members give up their own time to promote road safety and help reduce the road toll.

The program aims to provide opportunities for local communities to contribute to addressing fatigue-related road trauma.

By visiting an operating Driver Reviver site, travellers can take a break in their journey for a free cup of Bushells coffee or tea, an Arnott's biscuit and most importantly, a chance to stop and revive so drivers reach their destination safely.

The national Driver Reviver program would not be possible without the generous support of our partners - AAMI, FedEx, The Arnott's Foundation, Bushells Coffee, Bushells Tea and Sunshine Sugar.

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Navigate to Driver Reviver locations faster and easier. Over 180 sites nationwide where volunteers will happily provide you with a free cup of Bushells tea or coffee and an Arnott’s biscuit, but most importantly a chance to revive so you reach your destination safely.

Get where you need to go safely:

  • Find Driver Reviver sites along your route and plan your journey in advance
  • Get notifications when you are close to a Driver Reviver rest stop
  • Find what facilities are available at each site which may include toilets, shelter, power and playgrounds 

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